Team Leader Oxygen Cylinder/Oxygen Mask Department


Position Title: Team Leader Oxygen Cylinder/Oxygen Mask Department

Reports to: Operations Manager

Summary of Position:
To supervise and be accountable for, the daily operations of the relevant workshop departments to provide excellent customer through best in class turnaround times.

This is a full time role (40 hours per week).

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

  1. Ensure that all work practices are carried out in accordance with the organisation’s maintenance organisation exposition (MOE) to ensure the required standards of Quality, Health and Safety are maintained.
    This includes:
    • Being responsible for Health and Safety within the area of responsibility, ensuring all H&S concerns are reported and ensuring Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is worn at all times.
    • Ensure that all work is carried out in accordance with the correct revision Component Maintenance Manual (CMM) and that the 601 Capability Check is complete before releasing a component back to service.
    • Ensure the correct tooling is used IAW the CMM and approved 601 and ensure all tooling is in good condition and within calibration
    • Ensure that any quality concerns affecting airworthiness or Health and Safety are reported to the Operations Manager /General Manager immediately.
  2. Ensure all Work Orders on the Work In Progress (WIP) List are processed in a timely manner to maintain ‘Reliability’ and meet customer expectations and the company targets.
    This includes:
    • Daily planning of the Work In Progress (WIP) List, ensuring work is prioritized and allocated between the team to maintain productivity and meet target TATs.
    • Communicate proactively with the Operations Manager and Customer Service to ensure customer expectations are met.
    • Drive and Promote Target Achieving Culture in line with the Core Values
  3. Manage, supervise and support the staff within the relevant departments to ensure a ‘Positive’ and productive working environment with a ‘One Team’ ethos.
    This includes:
    • Having regular, documented ‘One to One’ conversations with the technicians under your supervision to clearly communicate the expectations in accordance with the core values, personal targets and personal development.
    • Ensure all staff receives a H & S induction within the department and use the appropriate PPE that has been provided.
    • Ensure that work is only carried out after the appropriate level of training has been undertaken.
  4. Work closely with the Operations Manager to continuously improve working practice ensuring ‘Growth’ of the business and its employees.
    This includes:
    • Collaboration with the other sites to ensure best practices are shared and to ensure the continuous improvement of the department.
    • Improve and maintain efficiency within the department.
    • Demonstrate commercial awareness to drive sustainable improvement within the company and maintain excellent customer service.
  5. Lead by example and take ‘Pride’ in achieving company, department and personal targets.
    This includes:
    • Maintain housekeeping and organisation of the workshop at all times
    • Role model behaviour in accordance with the core values and keep the team accountable to these values.

Requirement                                                                                         Essential or Desirable

Qualifications / Education / Training:

  • Engineering Qualification                                                                               Desirable
  • Health and Safety trained                                                                              Essential
  • Certified Stamp Holder                                                                                   Desirable
  • LEAN/5S Training                                                                                            Desirable


  • Experience of working in a similar role                                                        Desirable
  • Technical or engineering experience                                                           Essential
  • People management or leadership experience                                         Desirable
  • Experience of managing a project                                                                Desirable
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