Lecturer-researcher Flight Operations Engineering (1,0 fte)


For its Aviation Academy the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) is looking for experienced, master level

Lecturer-researcher Flight Operations Engineering (1,0 fte)

to enhance and deliver the Bachelor of Science curriculum in Aviation Studies.

The position:
As lecturer-researcher you will participate in the execution and development of the Bachelor of Science curriculum in the area of Flight Operations Engineering. Flight Operations Engineering (FOE) strives for optimal standards for aircraft operational performance with maximum fuel-efficiency, capacity, safety and environmental sustainability. The field of FOE includes support and optimization for flight operations as well as air traffic management and navigation, aeronautical information and charting. Knowledge of aircraft performance is required.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • teaching classes and workshops;
  • supporting students in their study process and their personal, professional and research skills;
  • supervising internship and graduation students dependent on your experience and skills;
  • improving the quality of the educational program;
  • strengthening the cohesion in the curriculum;
  • expanding your network in the industry;
  • promoting innovation in education and the curriculum and matching it to current and future industry expectations.

Most courses are given in English. With respect to your teaching responsibilities you will report to the team manager Aviation Engineering, who is also the responsible line manager.

At the moment we do not foresee any separate research activities in this position. However, when we see research opportunities, you may also play a role within the Aviation Engineering research program in the future. In that research role, you could participate in (inter)national research projects, assist in formulating (international) research proposals, write scientific and professional publications and, as a member of the faculty, make an active contribution to the roadmap and implementation of the research program. With respect to any future research responsibilities you will report to the Professor of Aviation Engineering.

The Aviation Academy has a comprehensive relation and knowledge network within the aviation sector in the Netherlands and abroad, consisting of companies, government institutions and educational establishments. For example, the Aviation Academy is the initiator of the new Air Transport and Aeronautics Education and Research Association (ATAERA) network. Eleven aviation programs in Europe and across the globe are now working closely together in the areas of education, research and partnerships with the aviation industry. In the context of your responsibilities you will be maintaining and expanding this network and will contribute to the (inter)national positioning of the Aviation Academy.

What we are looking for
We are looking for a master-level aviation professional with at least several years of broad, relevant and practical experience working for an airline or similar. Preferably your experience covers operational aircraft performance, flight planning and aircraft systems.
You have a positive and supporting attitude towards students. Coaching and motivating of students should be second nature. You also have good verbal and written skills in English. You have a teaching endorsement or are prepared to obtain one (with our support).

The department/program
The Aviation Academy was created to serve the European aviation industry. Our mission is to provide the current and next generation of professionals with the skills they need to meet the international aviation challenges of the next 10 to 15 years. Our three main activities are education, applied research and networking. The Aviation Academy offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Aviation in two variants (Aviation Engineering and Aviation Operations) to approximately 1,400 students. The Aviation Academy performs practical scientific research around real-world problems in the aviation sector, with the goal of improving and innovating professional practice. The results of this research benefits companies in the sector and is used to enhance the educational program. As a lecturer- researcher you will participate in all of our three main activities.

The optimum deployment of an aircraft during its entire life cycle is the focal point of the Aviation curriculum. The three primary themes in this program are Engineering, Operations and Business. Students are trained to approach issues on the basis of four perspectives: Airport, Airline, Government and Suppliers. Within the B.Sc. educational program we are currently reinforcing the technical Aviation Engineering specialization, with a focus on the longer-term/long-term developments in the aviation sector. Our curriculum includes training in optimal maintenance processes (both technical and organizational), new materials, use of sensor technology, influence of new business models and adaptations to regulations and social frameworks. Students are trained to become aviation generalists and eventually seek employment in technical positions with companies in the aviation sector, but also within the consultancy sector or the government.

What we offer
The above responsibilities are equivalent to the position of lecturer-researcher 2. Wage scale 11 (HBO CAO - Collective Labour Agreement for Bachelor-level Education) applies for this position and the actual salary depends on your qualifications and experience. The maximum salary is €4,661,- gross per month for a full appointment. Initially this is a temporary appointment for one year. Extension of the appointment after one year is foreseen but may depend on proven suitability, staff capacity levels and the influx of new students.

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) has an extensive package of secondary employment benefits, including an 8% vacation allowance and an 8.3% end of year bonus. In addition, AUAS offers – through its AUAS Academy – outstanding study and development opportunities; it also encourages its employees to work continuously on their professional development.

For any questions about this position please contact Mr. Richard Hermans, team Manager Aviation Engineering; (please do not use this Email address for applications).

For further information about the Aviation Academy please visit: hva.nl/aviation.

Click on the link at the bottom of this vacancy to apply online. Applications that are sent directly to the contact person, or by some other means, will not be processed.

This vacancy has been published simultaneously internally and externally. In the event of equivalent suitability, internal candidates will be given preference over external candidates.

In the recruitment and selection process to fill this vacancy we apply the AUAS Job Application Code.
No canvassing please.


Het jobboard van Aviabanen brengt vraag en aanbod van vacatures van luchtvaart- en (zaken)reisindustrie professionals effectief bij elkaar. 


Het jobboard van Aviabanen brengt vraag en aanbod van vacatures van luchtvaart- en (zaken)reisindustrie professionals effectief bij elkaar. Met de verschillende titels achter Aviabanen zoals Luchtvaartnieuws.nl, Zakenreisnieuws.nl, Reisbizz.nl, TripTalk.nl en Beroepenmarkt.nl blijven professionals op de hoogte van de laatste ontwikkelingen in hun snel veranderende vak. Het ideale moment voor werkgevers om hun vacature midden in deze lastig te werven doelgroep bekend te maken. Juist ook bij de latente zoeker!


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