ILS/LSA Engineer/Analyst


Our client, an international company providing end-to-end, integrated Engineering, Quality Services and Management Consulting for digital information, is expanding their Aerospace Engineering Team in The Netherlands. We are therefore looking for a  

ILS/LSA Engineer/Analyst

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) is an essential tool for efficient and cost effective management of complex programs throughout the product life-cycle from inception (concept) through to end of life cycle (disposal).

Our client uses ILS & Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) processes requiring continuous evaluation, analysis and evolution to ensure that they remain fit-for-purpose throughout, thus enabling to provide bespoke ILS support solutions to various projects.

We are looking for a suitably qualified and able candidate to assist the existing LSA team specialist in continuous population, update and evolution of the LSAR. The successful candidate will be assisting in the evolution of ILS/LSA processes to keep pace with the requirements by doubling the core team resource to 2 persons.

Roles and responsibilities, required knowledge and capabilities:
The ILS/LSA Engineer/Analyst will be a major contributor with responsibilities including:

  • Supporting Continued Airworthiness activities for supported projects through ILS;
  • Providing ILS support to meet contracted deliverables to the projects;
  • Recording and administering in the LSAR all the preventive maintenance tasks and outcomes required to sustain the design configurations that result from Air Transport Association (ATA) Maintenance Steering Committee 3 (MSG-3) analysis;
  • Perform LSA in coordination with Technical Publications, Material Support, MSG-3 and AGE to align the data.
  • Performing the Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA) belonging to each maintenance task identified, and incorporating the results into the LSAR, with identification of all required support, including Aerospace Ground equipment (AGE), Tooling, Spare parts, consumables, etc. necessary to perform the various maintenance activities.
  • Provide LSAR reports, with data and information normally in equivalent MS Excel format.
  • Participation in International defined LSA Specialist Work Groups and meetings;
  • Keeping the LSA Guidance Document (GD) up to date, when informed about ILS deliverables via the Contract Managers and the Change Management/ILS Engineer;
  • Incorporating all Engineering and Support changes, ECP Class 2 and ECP Class 1, tracking back to the last known LSAR-025 report deliverable i.a.w. contractual requirements;
  • Maintaining alignment with the Illustrated Parts Data (IPD) published in the Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP) with the LSAR;
  • Presenting the status and content of the LSAR vs the Change Management Process;

Education/Background experience/Requirements

  • Practitioner knowledge of LSA/LSAR 1388-1a & 2B (in excess of 2 years preferred).
  • Practitioner knowledge of Raytheon EAGLE LSAR DB;
  • Practitioner knowledge MCDB, Matrix, HiCo and IETP DBs;
  • Practitioner knowledge of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Testability (RAMT) Analysis ;
  • Capable of security clearance on military projects;
  • Knowledge of MIL-STD 1388, DEF STAN 00-60, AECMA, ASD S2000, S3000, ATA MSG-3 latest edition;
  • Capable of security clearance on military projects.


  • Engineering background, preferably within Aerospace ILS, and preferably with some military support experience.
  • European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL).
  • Sound working proficiency in all MS Office applications and particularly in MS Access based relational databases and MS Excel spreadsheets and downstream document/report preparation & writing.
  • Good standard of spoken & written English.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
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